Client Testimonials

70% More Views Using #vidit, Video SEO Platform

Hague Partners

Despite being a top name in the real estate industry, our digital campaigns were not reaching the best audience. Jennifer and the #vidit team worked diligently in optimizing hashtags for our real estate program at Hague Partners. #vidit helped promote our videos and advertising. It was very effecting in improving our number of views by 70%. They used keywords to a more targeted audience in the Phoenix area to improve our growth locally. Because of our work with #vidit, we experienced the rapid online growth that we had hoped for during our initial launch.

Great Results!

Renee Soulliard

#vidit has achieved great results for us! We have the number one position and received a lot of traffic, views, and user engagement with our video. #vidit has helped us build our brand awareness and drive leads to our Store! I highly recommend Jennifer Sultzaberger and #vidit.


Brad Morgan

Ed Beasley and the #vidit team delivered on the promise to increase traffic and visibility for my website. They are on top of their game and they stay on top of it as the SEO algorithm landscape changes all the time. I learned the hard way how to waste a lot of money on SEO before I went with #vidit. I highly recommend them !

Extraordinary Use of Technology

Katharine W. Halpin

Jennifer is an expert in using the internet as a tool to drive potential clients and customers to you, instead of you pushing out your content, you pull them in. It is nothing short of amazing. My book, Alignment for Success: Bringing Out the Best in Yourself, Your Teams and Your Company is realizing tremendous success because of Jennifer’s category creating tool of #vidit.

Our video made the 1st page of Google in 9 minutes

Easton Cloud

Wow! We’re not really sure how to express how impressed we are. We contacted the #vidit team to see what they could do with our videos. Using their video marketing strategies they placed our video on page 1 in less than 12 hours. That’s pretty amazing! #MobileWebsite.